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Who is eligible for the Splash Card?
Any student (of all ages) is eligible for the Splash Card.

How do I get a Splash Card?
You can get your Splash Card by clicking on the Sign Up Now! link and fill in the fields.  We will mail it to you in a few days.

Is the Splash Card FREE?
Yes, the Splash Card is free.

How does my Splash Card work?
It's simple....Register your Splash Card online and then present your card at participating stores and you will receive discounts and special offers at dozens of businesses in the Frankston city centre.  Click here to register your card.

Do I need to register/activate my Splash Card before I can use it?
Yes, you do need to register/activate your Splash Card online before you are able to use it.  To register your Splash Card click here

When does the Splash Card expire?
Offers on the 2016 Splash Card expire on 31 December 2016.

What should I do if my Splash Card gets lost or stolen?
If your Splash Cards gets lost or stolen please contact Frankston City Council on 1300 322 322 or email admin@splashcard.com.au

Can anyone use my Splash Card?
No, Splash Cards are not transferable. However, students can register for a Splash Card by clicking here


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